After Hours and Holidays Emergency Number

After office hours or on holidays you may dial 336.454.1218 for water or sewer emergencies. Please be aware this is an emergency alert that is sent immediately to town staff. If it is an emergency situation requiring immediate attention, do not hesitate to call. However, please be respectful and not call the alert phone number if your situation can wait until the next working day.

Non emergency messages may be left at the Town Hall number at 336.454.1138 and are checked the next working day.


Emergency Preparedness Information

The Guilford County Preparedness Committee is reminding residents that preparing now for weather hazards like extreme heat, as well as possible disease outbreaks and other dangerous situations is critically important. Emergency preparedness measures help people and businesses react safely and efficiently when needed. The committee has developed a web site to help residents prepare for such emergencies. The web site,, is a one-stop-shop for preparedness information in Guilford County.

Reporting Street Light Outages

Residents may report street light outages by calling Town Hall at 336.454.1138. The Town leases the lamp posts from Duke Energy, thus Town staff will pass service requests to Duke Energy. You may report service requests directly to Duke Energy at the following website:

Some outages are caused by underground problems and may take several weeks to be repaired. Once an outage has been reported, Town staff are unable to track the repairs.


Hydrant Flushing

The Pinecroft-Sedgefield Fire Department performs semi-annual fire hydrant testing in the spring of each year. All hydrants in the Pinecroft Sedgefield Fire District are tested to ensure that they are operating properly and able to produce the required water pressure when needed.  This testing also includes all hydrants in the Town of Jamestown.

The fire department will carry out the operation, which can take approximately one month to complete.  Because this testing must be done during normal operating hours, it will be impossible to know in advance just when or where the testing will take place in any specific area.  Opening hydrants can sometimes cause a temporary discoloration of water in nearby homes.  The discoloration is not harmful in any way and can be cleared up by running the water for a few minutes.

This kind of testing not only ensures the protection of citizens; it also is an evaluation indicator used by the Insurance Services Office, which rates the fire district according to the fire protection they offer.


Jamestown ETJ

The following downloads are available:

     Notice of Public Hearing on ETJ Expansion (.pdf)

     ETJ Expansion Map (.pdf)

     Notice of Public Hearing on Rezoning (.pdf)

     ETJ Rezoning Map   (.pdf)

Residents may zoom in on the maps to verify whether specific parcels of land will be affected by either change.

If you have questions or comments regarding the proposed changes, contact Town Planner at 336.454.1138 or by email.

Invitation to Bid

The Town of Jamestown is currently seeking Requests for Quotes for Jamestown Park Strategic Plan. Click here to download a copy of the RFQ. Questions may be directed to Matthew Johnson at All proposals are due by 5pm on December 3, 2018. Electronic LOIs should be submitted in .pdf format using software such as Adobe, CutePDF, PDFWriter, Docudesk, deskPDF, etc. to Submit by mail or hand delivery to:


Town of Jamestown

ATTN: Matthew Johnson

301 E Main St

Jamestown, NC  27282


Check for Leaks

Leaks account for, on average, 11,000 gallons of water wasted in the home every year - enough to fill a backyard swimming pool. Ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day. Common types of leaks found in the home include leaking toilet flappers, dripping faucets and other leaking valves. In most cases, fixture replacement parts don't require a major investment and can be installed by do-it-yourselfers.

-- One way to check for leaks is to turn off all the taps in your house, then look at your water meter. If it is still turning, chances are you have a leak somewhere. Instructions on how to read your water meter can be found on North Carolina's water conservation Web site ( at:

-- A simple way to check for toilet flapper leaks is to place two dye tablets or 5-8 drops of food color into the tank of the toilet and wait 15-20 minutes. Do not flush the toilet during this test. After 15-20 minutes, look into the bowl of the toilet. If the color starts to develop in the bowl, there is a leak in the toilet and it must be repaired. Usually, installing a new flapper will correct the leak. For more information about detecting leaks in your home, visit


Annual Water Quality Report

The Annual Water Quality Report is available.

Annual Sewer Report

The Annual Sewer Spills Report is available.


John McKenzie Donation

John McKenzie donated to the Town a framed photograph of the Jamestown Library taken by Bob Livengood.

The photograph was accepted on behalf of the Town by Mayor Keith Volz during the January 2010 Town Council meeting.

John MacKenzie donates photograph to the Town.


Janet Gill Donation

Janet Gill, resident of Jamestown, donated to the Town of Jamestown an original watercolor by the artist Maggie Fickett. 

The watercolor was accepted on behalf of the Town of Jamestown by Mayor Keith Volz.

Janet Gill watercolor donation


Oakdale Water Tower Removal

Pictures of removal



Christmas 2010 parade