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Jamestown entrance sign under construction
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Repair work at Cloverbrook Ct.


The mission of Jamestown's Public Services Department is to effectively provide unmatched customer service while maintaining Town infrastructure with the utmost of efficiency. We are committed to the highest standards of safety, integrity, excellence, and performance in the delivery of services to every business and neighborhood.

Repair work at Cloverbrook Ct.



The Public Services Department provides a variety of services to Town government and the residents of Jamestown. The department operates as one unit providing services for building maintenance, street maintenance, storm water maintenance, waste management, water, sewer, and public services administration.

Garbage collection
Garbage collection
hydrant flushing device

Hydrant Flushing Devices


Public Services staff equipped hydrants with hydrant flushing devices. These devices are placed in areas were flushing is needed to help improve water quality. The units can be programmed to activate the hydrant to flush during low demand periods, typically at night.




Public Service Staff



Paul Blanchard - Public Services Director

Paul Blanchard, PE, Director of Public Services – 336.454.1138, Email Paul Blanchard

Phil Mikles - Systems Operator

Phil Mikles - System Operator                              




Sam Wilson - Equipment Operator II

Sam Wilson -

Equipment Operator II

James Conrad - Equipment Operator II

James Conrad -

Equipment Operator II

Jeff Greeson - Operations Manager

Jeff Greeson, Operations Manager – 336.454.1138,

Email Jeff Greeson

Sonny Sams - Laborer II

Sonny Sams, Sanitation Equipment Operator I


Jonathan Knight - Equipment Operator I

Jamie Johnson -

Equipment Operator I

Chris Pierce,

Sanitation Laborer I

Mike Shaul,

Sanitation Laborer I


Andy Callaway - Laborer II


Public services crew repairs water line break

Public services crew repairs water line break.

Jonathan, Phil, Paul, Jeff, Sam, Sonny, Chris L, Chris p, Charles, James (in front)

Public Services Staff

Public Service News Release

The Public Services Department has issued a News Release regarding sewer lines on Oakdale Road.

Public Service Downloads


Swimming Pool Policy

Pool Sewer Credit

Application for Fire Hydrant Meter

Hydrant Use Policy

Hydrant Meter Fees

Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Policy

Ordinance for the Operation of the Water and Wastewater System

Sewer Use Ordinance

Residual Fats, Oil and Grease Control Policy

Emergency Water Shortage Response Plan


Jamestown Sign Post Specifications

Jamestown Technical Standards

2012 Guilford County Solid Waste Management Plan



Painting Town Hall
Stormwater pipe at Yorkleigh
Painting Town Hall spring 2008.
Stormwater pipe at Yorkleigh.